Zapier CRM Connector: 5 News Actions Possible on noCRM

The wait is finally over! We’re happy to announce one big zapier update in Our suite of Zapier Actions lets you automate your workflow with even more precision than before. Get ready to move your leads through the sales pipeline faster with the Zapier CRM connector! has consistently upgraded its services to allow salespeople to increase their closing rate and make their lives easier (and profitable). With the introduction of our new Actions, you can now say good-bye to the mundane parts of managing your sales pipeline and focus on the actions that actually close deals.

5 New Actions. 1 Big Zapier Update in

Your leads now automatically enter a new stage in the pipeline and update their amount & probability when an invoice is sent. Leverage our Activities feature and automatically log activities and outcomes when an action is motion.

Want more? Check out our list of the 5 new Actions:

Zapier CRM Connector in New Actions

  • Log an Activity: Creates a completed activity on a lead
  • Change Step: Adds a lead to a step in a pipeline of your choosing
  • Set Amount and Probability: Updates the lead amount and probability
  • Change Status: Changes the status of a lead to “To Do”, “Stand By”, “Won”, “Lost”, or “Cancelled”
  • Add Attachment: Uploads a file and attaches it to a lead

That’s not all though. You’ve shared your concerns, and we listened. We know that not all businesses share the same needs. Some companies don’t only populate data on their leads, contact information, and the company they belong to. They also want to gather information that is unique to their business and be able to have Zapier retrieve those fields.

For that reason, the Zapier update in has five added custom fields exclusively for our users in the Expert Edition. You can now create and use those new fields to take your zaps to the next level.

Check out our Zapier-dedicated help page to guide you through all the zap possibilities. 

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