Welcoming the Summer with Some News 🔆 ⛱

Happy summer to all those in the Northern Hemisphere!

Here’s our shiny news for this hot month of July :

  • A new notification center  (no, you’re not daydreaming!) is now live,
  • New ways of identifying duplicates when creating new leads were added,

and more!

All the info on these amazing features and other improvements below.

Since August will be a month of holidays for most of our customers, we’ll be working hard on new updates and will be back in September to share the news. Stay tuned!

New Notification Center 🎉

We have been talking about this for a while now, and it’s officially here to stay!

You’re probably used to notification systems already, from Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn… so we’re not going to bore you with a long explanation on how it works (for that, you can check our Help Center entry). Just a few words to say that the Notification Center is now active for all users, and will enable to reduce the amount of e-mail notifications that are sent.

If any member of your company comments on a lead or post-sales task that belongs to you, or whenever you’re assigned a new lead, you will get a notification inside the app.
If you do not click on it, only after 5 minutes will you get an e-mail notification too.

Launching the notification system is the first step towards new collaboration features. But let’s not spoil that for now. 🤪

New Ways of Identifying Duplicates When Creating New Leads 🔍

Being able to easily identify duplicate leads in your lead management software is very important, since it can avoid awkward moments like calling the same person your pier already reached out to.

Identifying duplicates inside noCRM.io has now become even easier than it used to: you get to choose which predefined fields should be taken into account to identify duplicates.

As an Admin of your noCRM.io account, go to the Admin Panel and enter the ‘Default fields’ section. If all your fields are already correctly set up, simply edit them using the ✏️️ icon, and tick the box ‘Make this field a key to identify duplicates’. As easy as that.
For more details, read our Help Center entry.

Mobile App Updates

These past weeks we’ve added some new exciting features to noCRM’s mobile app.
We take helping you work efficiently on your leads while on the go very seriously, so it’s now possible to:

  • Duplicate a lead in the mobile app,
  • Add a lead to a Client Folder, or create a brand new Client Folder.

Both can be done from the ‘Actions’ menu of a lead, as shown in the images below.

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