Sophisticated Digital Marketing Tools for Improved B2B Lead Generation

With the rise of more complex and versatile digital marketing tools on the market, salespeople have more options than ever before when it comes to client engagement and conversion. Whether you provide sales counseling services to large companies or aim to sell your own products through digital marketing, B2B lead generation is an important factor to consider. According to E-Marketer, 29% of US-based B2B marketers claim that their top priority is boosting sales and converting customers, with 18% claiming that brand awareness is of highest relevance.

Whether you plan to push certain products or services, raise public awareness or attract B2B networking partners to your business, the right combination of digital marketing tools can make that task much easier to accomplish. With that said, let’s take a look at how you can handle B2B lead generation with the right set of tools and services at your disposal going forward.

Advantages of Using Digital Marketing Tools

Before we dive into the tools and services you can utilize for B2B lead generation, let’s talk briefly about why you should do that in the first place. Ad-hoc sales and B2B outreach is not unheard of and is often used by novices or people who simply prefer hands-on sales activities. However, using tools which automate, streamline and simplify the sales process will provide your business with numerous advantages over your competition, including:

  • Emphasis on creativity rather than manual research and targeting
  • Faster and easier digital marketing content production
  • Increased brand exposure, industry authority and word of mouth
  • New B2B networking opportunities due to the increase in brand awareness
  • High return on investment due to saved time, energy and resources
  • Performance tracking and analysis opportunities for future improvements

9 Digital Marketing Tools for Improved B2B Lead Generation

Now that we have a clearer understanding of how you can benefit from implementing B2B lead generation tools into your digital marketing strategy, let’s dive into the platforms and services themselves. Depending on your industry, product portfolio and target audience, you should use a combination of the following tools for your convenience.

These tools can grant even better results if they are combined with writing platforms such as Studicus or Evernote for easier content management. It’s good practice to test how different tools react in terms of achieving your company’s sales goals, so don’t be afraid to test the waters until you find the perfect fit. With that out of the way, let’s jump right in.

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  1. Google Ads

The best place to start off is to talk about one of the most influential and far-reaching digital marketing tools out there – AdWords. Google has quickly become an industry mainstay both in terms of search engine optimization trends (SEO) and lead generation through its dedicated set of tools and services.

You can use Google Ads to craft compelling sales pitches for your marketing campaigns, segment your B2B audience with up-to-date industry data and track the performance of your efforts all in one. Google Ads is a great place for small and up-and-coming sales companies to generate B2B leads in order to grow their industry influence in an organic way.

  1. Instapage

Whether you target B2B or B2C lead generation in your digital marketing efforts, the most crucial element of the equation is the landing page you present the stakeholder with. Once a person clicks on your call to action or invitation for conversion, that process should be as simple and straightforward as possible.

Enter Instapage, a landing page curation tool capable of helping you convert would-be leads into recurring B2B clients. The platform is designed with personalization and creativity in mind, meaning that you don’t need extensive web design or UX skills to make it work in your favor. Instapage will allow you to create a professional, attractive and sales-oriented landing page which will help you turn clicks into leads that much easier.

  1. Quora

One of the best ways to spread brand awareness and showcase your knowledge of the industry is through high-profile forums. Quora is a well-known Q&A platform dedicated to an infinite number of topics, industries, and niches. Depending on the type of products and services you offer to the market, you can position your brand as a go-to place for quality goods and services.

You can start your own discussions, join existing topics or simply answer B2B questions through the lens of your business and its product portfolio. After all, other companies and representatives from across the globe also use Quora for B2B networking and lead generation – meet them halfway and grow your network.

  1. Hunter

Even though you may have someone’s email address, you still can’t be completely sure of its legitimacy or whether it’s active or not. Hunter is a tool designed with pinpointing specific people’s email addresses based on basic information such as their full name or place of employment.

The tool is perfectly suited for B2B lead generation since you can use it to find the best company representatives to reach out to. This will effectively eliminate detractors from your mailing list and allow you to focus on addresses which are most likely to convert into leads for your company.

  1. MailChimp

Once you’ve grown your mailing list to a respectable scale, you should make the most out of an email-centric B2B lead generation platform. MailChimp is an email-turned-digital-marketing-platform with a comprehensive roster of services centered on outreach, automated sales marketing, and performance tracking.

All you have to do is create original content which will serve as your sales pitch to a potential B2B stakeholder and let MailChimp deliver the message to their email address. The platform centralizes multiple different aspects of lead generation and nurturing, meaning that you will be able to do the bulk of your digital marketing through its intuitive user interface. If you’re used to managing email marketing by hand, it’s time to consider a professional lead generation platform such as MailChimp as a viable alternative.

  1. Intercom

Once a potential B2B lead is present on your landing page or internal website link, you should make sure that they convert into clients or customers. Intercom is an expansion tool able to provide you with a channel of communication with your B2B leads. For example, if a B2B stakeholder visits your product portfolio page, Intercom can engage them with a prompt for further questions or an offer of assistance.

You can combine it with writing platforms such as WoWGrade and Hemingway in order to write chat scripts for Intercom in a personalized tone of voice suitable for your B2B audience. This type of forward-thinking and pro-active digital marketing will ensure that your business comes off as professional and customer-centric.

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  1. Visme

Even though B2B stakeholders might already be aware of your business’ performance on the global market, one cannot overlook the importance of social proof and data visualization. Visme is a platform dedicated to digital presentations, infographic design, as well as creation of a plethora of charts and graphs for your sales materials.

You can present your B2B stakeholders with these materials in order to cement your brand reputation and make it logical for them to convert into leads. Visme offers a large assortment of templates, pre-made designs as well as a step-by-step DIY visual content creator for your sales team to take advantage of.

  1. HotJar

Even the best B2B lead generation digital marketing content requires tracking and analytics to reach its full effectiveness. HotJar is a GUI-based data analysis and visualization tool capable of tracking your landing page’s performance over time. The best thing about HotJar is that it is based on visual analytics, meaning that you will always be presented with one-for-one recreations of your pages and literal hot zones which B2B representatives prefer to interact with.

It can help you understand the way your B2B stakeholders use your website, links, forms and any other form of digital marketing content aimed at B2B lead generation. That way, each new marketing campaign will bring tangible, useful results for your consideration and further refinement of digital content, calls to action and sales pitches.

  1. Hello Bar

The best way to approach B2B lead generation is to start with landing page sales offers and conversion opportunities. With that said, Hello Bar can help you create well-positioned banner ads and exit popups which are specifically designed with conversion in mind. You can write different sales pitches and calls to action depending on the type of leads you want to generate and/or nurture.

Once the digital marketing content is created, Hello Bar will integrate itself with your landing page in an intuitive and unobtrusive way. These types of conversion opportunities are native and don’t stop stakeholders from comfortable browsing. On the other hand, they are always present at the top or the bottom of the user’s browser, ensuring that B2B lead generation is only a click away.


B2B Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid

As we’ve previously mentioned, the right set of tools will allow you to harness your digital marketing strategy for much better B2B lead generation results. Tools such as Supreme Dissertations and Grammarly should always be close to hand in terms of writing and editing your final digital marketing content drafts.

However, it’s also worth pointing out several potential mistakes and pitfalls you should avoid at all costs. These will severely dampen the effectiveness of your marketing content and make it more difficult or confusing for B2B stakeholders to convert into leads.

  • No unified message between the ad and the conversion form
  • Lack of personalization and professionalism in writing
  • Complicated value proposition without clear benefits
  • Asking for too much information up front
  • Unclear conversion instructions
  • Broken form and/or links
  • Multiple calls to action with mixed instructions
  • Lack of digital marketing performance tracking

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, companies and representatives which share your business’ goals, values and ideals will always be open to collaboration. Those that actively foster beliefs and practices that go against your business’ product portfolio won’t be persuaded by carefully crafted B2B lead generation digital marketing content.

Find the right audience for your content and write personalized, earnest and friendly calls to action for their consideration. Build your business’ voice on the web and the right stakeholders will always find their way to your landing page.

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