November News: New Lead Form, Updated Client Folder, and Updated Aircall Integration

As mentioned in a previous post, noCRM had the chance to attend and exhibit at the Web Summit earlier this month. We’re happy to say that it was an amazing event, where we had the opportunity to meet many potential SaaS partners. However, that’s not the only news we want to share. As always, we’re cosnsistently making updates to noCRM and this month is no different.

New Lead Form to Improve Productivity

With simplicity and productivity always in mind, we have updated the look of our lead form. We believe this new design will help you create new leads manually faster and therefore help you become more efficient.

All the key info of a lead is at the center and the remaining data is grouped on the right side. If you have any comments on this change, let us know!

New Comment Box in Client Folders!

You can now add comments to your Client Folders! Do you need to enter general information on the Client and not on any specific lead? Log your comments, attach documents, and even @mention your colleagues.

Match Aircall Inbound Calls With Leads

The Aircall integration with noCRM has been live for quite some time, but it didn’t allow you to identify and match phone numbers of incoming calls with existing leads.

We’re very excited to say that it’s now possible! Whenever you receive a call from a number that corresponds to an existing lead from Aircall, we will suggest that lead and attach the recording directly there.

If there’s no match, you’ll be able to create a new lead in a couple of clicks and have the recording of your call attached to it as well!