Statistics Feature: Take Your Sales to a New Level

Having a process is all well and good, but it falls flat if there is nothing tangible to measure it by. Sure, closing deals is a good barometer for success. But to get to the deal-closing part, you need to know what does and doesn’t work in your process.

The statistics feature has been overhauled to provide even more insight into the numbers behind the deals. No stone has been left unturned, so you can garner a deeper insight into every part of your sales process.

Let’s take a look at what the new Statistics feature brings to the table.

Analyse by Report

The statistics feature gives you a deeper overall insight into the team performance and of your individual reps. You can filter the results into different sections, which helps pinpoint where people are performing well and where improvements might be needed.

Company Performance lets you look at the sales set-up across the board. This is great for managers as they can track created leads, the amount won and how long each deal takes to close. Team Performance is similar to Company Performance but is grouped by user. The results mean there is more clarity over individual performance. You can also see how long it takes each sales rep to close a deal.

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You can see how effective specific actions (phones calls, meetings etc) taken by reps are with the Sales Activity report, while the Lead Performance report helps to monitor the status of all your leads by creation date. This means you keeping better track of the leads are taking too long to close.

Performing with your Pipeline Statistics Feature

Pipeline Performance helps you to see how each stage of the sales process performs. You can track which step deals fall through. This will help to review and see if you can create a better process. You can also compare performance of your different sales rep and discover at what they are the best (qualifying vs closing for example).

Smarter Prospecting Statistics Feature

Tracking the quality of good leads is one of the most vital aspects. The Prospecting Lists allows you to track the status of all your lists for prospects. You can see which entries are yet to be qualified, the ones that successfully turned to leads and how much money they will generate, and ones that were cancelled.  

Forecasting the future

Organizations need to forecast so they can plan the future. The Forecast Report shows the amount of money each organization should be generating and who is generating it—in other words, top sales reps. Companies now have the ability to see the active leads and expected incoming revenue by month, week and day.

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Improve your Process with the Statistics Feature was designed for salespeople to move leads through the pipeline more efficiently. With the new Statistics feature, sales teams can make more informed decisions and perfect their sales process thanks to in-depth reporting on the data that really matters.