Sign Deals Faster with the and Tilkee Integration

Tilkee becomes the latest of’s integration partners! and Tilkee integration

Tilkee is a straight-forward, easy to use SaaS tool that allows you to share, track, and e-sign sales and business documents all in one place.


Getting sales-driven content to leads from marketing is often a time restraint for sales reps. Time that they could be using to move leads to the next stage. And once they enter the final stages, they are still limited in their visibility to how leads engage with proposals and contracts.

The and Tilkee integration allows you to efficiently manage leads through your sales process. You deliver them documents, quotes, and proposals when they enter specific stages in the pipeline. Track documents and streamline the contract signing process to close deals faster.

Create Projects & Engage your leads

Create content bundles to share with your leads. Add PDF proposals, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and any other content to a space that reflects your brand.

Send & Track your documents

The and Tilkee integration lets you deliver your business documents to leads and track who, when, and the duration spent on each page with page-by-page engagement analytics in Tilkee and the Tilkee Activities widget in and Tilkee integration




Once leads have seen your documents, automatically logs the event and adds it to your lead’s summary section. and Tilkee integration




Hit the iron while it’s hot and follow up with your leads on time from

eSign & Close deals

Close deals faster and smarter with Tilkee’s quick and secure e-signature solution. automatically marks leads that have e-signed your contracts as WON!

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⚠️ This integration is only available on the Expert edition.