Gains Two Lead Management Software Distinctions from Business Software Directory celebrates software distinctions from business software directory, FinancesOnline. 

We’re excited to feature on the popular review platform, FinancesOnline!

The business software directory was impressed with’s ability to convert customers and build sales pipelines without the need for a traditional CRM. “With, users instantly capture leads from different sources. They then follow up on them through tagging, prioritizing, and referencing,” as reviewed by FinancesOnline.

“Thus, the tool makes sure that you never miss a prospect.” Because of these features, our software system received the software directory’s prestigious recognitions: Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2017.

Illustration of salesperson pointing at a trophy

Great User Experience

FinancesOnline grants its Great User Experience award for the best lead management software to solutions that provide a high-quality experience through well-designed functionalities, coupled with an intuitive interface.

The award was attributed to various user-friendly functionalities of This includes our Lead Clipper tool, which is designed to capture information from various websites. Our business card scanner was also recognized thanks to its ability to extract data from the card straight into The efficient sales management tool, which organizes sales processes and quickly processes qualified and unqualified leads taking them through the sales cycle, was also recognized.

Rise Like a Star

Other functionalities FinancesOnline highlighted include’s status management for actioning on leads, tagging and categorizing of leads, organizing closed deals for upselling or cross-selling opportunities, the real-time activity feed on teams and statistical reporting that provides useful insights.

Similarly, the Rising Star award is given to software solutions that quickly rose in popularity due to positive user feedback. These recognition were backed with’s inclusion in FinancesOnline’s top 15 list of best sales software systems for businesses and our high 100 percent user satisfaction rating.

This proves that efficiently helps businesses close deals without having salespeople waste countless hours of their time doing paperwork.