Compact Mode With Resizable Columns and More! aims to help you be more efficient at sales by being a user-friendly software, which is intuitive and answers your needs.

We like to make our customers happy, and for that reason we’ve developed several ways for you to manage leads.

Listening and Learning

The idea to improve our view modes was born out of the customer feedback we received. You spoke and we listened — especially when it came to the compact mode.’s new compact mode not only offers the possibility of resizing different columns; it also enables you to decided which columns you wish to display!

For those of you who like to keep your views close and tightly kept together, the new and improved compact mode is for you.

Pipeline Love Compact Mode

New pipeline view

We’ve also worked on two other views: Customers that like to see the whole picture will enjoy the extended view, which is great if you don’t have loads of lead but want to include all the information on them in one view.

There is also a new pipeline view, so you can enjoy complete visibility of your leads.

More customization has been added to provide a personalized feel. Now you add, remove and resize columns. Inside, you only see the information that you want. This lets you see every part of the pipeline, meaning you can instantaneously check where the lead sits and close it is to conversion.

Learn More at the Academy

If you want more specifics on these new view modes, head over to our academy breakdown where there is a breakdown of exactly how they work.

Don’t forget that the Academy page has an in-depth breakdown on all the features.

We hope you enjoy this new upgrade. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon…

The team.

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