New Year, New Zapier Updates

As we welcome in the New Year, we wanted to roll out new supported Triggers and Actions on Zapier to help you automate more tasks for a more seamless workflow between your business apps.

Last year, our Support team has spoken with many of our customers to understand the different use cases that require a better integration between noCRM and Zapier. So our tech team got to working!

This new update includes the following Triggers and Actions:

• New Unassigned Lead
• New Prospect Created
• New Lead Assigned to…
• Changed Status to Stand By
• Set Estimated Closing Date
• Change Lead’s Title

For our full list of supported Triggers and Actions, please visit our Zapier support page.

You can now automatically move leads to Stand By once they book an event with you on Calendly. We can capture the time and date of the event as well as the information filled out by the invitee to update your lead’s status in noCRM accordingly. (See here for full tutorial).

If you’re managing your outbound activities in noCRM or qualifying contacts in your Prospecting Lists, then use Zapier to automatically create new prospect rows in noCRM everytime you get a new website form submission or add a new contact in your Google Sheets. (See here for full tutorial).

Explore what else you can do with our Zapier integration to make your life easier and focus on the actions that matter most!