Why Marketing Automation is the Perfect Pre-tonic for Salespeople

marketing automationWho doesn’t love robots? Nobody, because robots are awesome. And if robots rock, that means anything to do with our robotic friends is also just as cool. Which brings us on nicely to automation— marketing automation. While it might not be an all-singing, all-dancing robot, it most definitely forms part of the same family tree.

Today, most industries use some form of automation to make their overall output more efficient— and the sales industry is one of them. While the art of selling is very much a human trait, there are aspects where automation helps sales professionals to perform better in their role.

Closing deals is the name of the game in sales. To close deals, you need leads— and to close deals faster, you need good leads. This is where marketing automation shows its strength; it can help sift through the bad leads and find the good ones, saving salespeople (and marketers) valuable time.

But how, you ask? Well, sit back, get your reading glasses out, and discover why marketing automation is the perfect pre-tonic for salespeople.

Who is Responsible for Finding Leads and Where Do They Come From?

In larger organizations, the responsibility of sourcing new leads often falls on the shoulders of marketing— an entirely different department from sales. Smaller businesses may not have the luxury of a marketing department, instead choosing to bestow the responsibility of finding and converting leads on the lap of salespeople.

There are plenty of sources for finding outbound leads, including buying contact lists and using social media. However, there is a problem with this approach. Lists containing details of contacts often provide quantity over quality, and sifting through them takes ages. Social media outreach is just as time-consuming— especially in smaller teams where every minute really counts.

The Vale of High-Quality Leads

Good leads are worth their weight in gold, and salespeople are much better off spending their time trying to convert prospects that are already warm. It’s better to have 10 high-quality leads than it is having 50 pulled from random places and compiled into a list.

But what makes a high-quality lead in the first place? There needs to be a good fit— the product should offer a solution to their problem, even if it’s a problem they are currently unaware of. Prospects need to have the budget too, as there is no point selling to someone that can’t afford what is on offer. Reps should also aim to speak with someone that is a decision-maker or someone who can influence any decisions to buy.

Save Time and Money

Putting the process of getting leads into action and achieving the desired results is anything but straightforward. If a prospect doesn’t make a direct approach to a company, it’s hard to tell whether there is a good fit.

Enter lead scoring, powered by automation…

Lead scoring solves many of these issues by providing marketers and sales professionals with clear insights. A good lead scoring system allows you to track prospect behaviour and web activity so there is more transparency in the prospect’s engagement levels.  

Marketing automation gets its insights from data, making it easier for marketers and salespeople to see if a lead fits the desired customer profile. Or, in other words, gets them sales-ready.

Using Software to Manage Leads

Once automation is in full flow, churning out high-quality leads and increasing a company’s chance of success, the attention turns to managing those leads. There is little point putting in effort to making sure the best leads qualify if there is no suitable way to manage them.

While CRM systems are seen as the go-to software for many companies, their overcomplicated approach to sales practices doesn’t bode well for sales reps, who would much prefer to use a system that is designed for their needs.

Lead management software strips away many of the bells and whistles, focusing on prospecting lists, moving leads through the pipeline and closing deals faster.


lead management with marketing automation

With a strong marketing automation service, like ActiveDEMAND for examplequalifying leads, and lead management software helping turn those leads into customers, sales managers give their reps a better chance of closing deals. With more deals closed, time saved, and bottom lines increased, it’s safe to say that everyone is winning.