[Infographic] CRM Statistics: Why You Don’t Need a CRM

Customer relationship management (more commonly known as CRM) software is the go-to sales tool for most companies – but is it the right choice for salespeople?

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Survey Time

We recently conducted a survey looking at how sales professionals incorporate the use of tech in their jobs, with a focus on CRM software. On the surface, it looks like CRM is doing a good job for sales. Peel back the layers, however, and not everything is as straightforward as it seems.

Most CRM software is over engineered and requires accurate data input to be an effective tool. It turns out that salespeople have a significant dislike for entering copious amounts of data into their CRM, especially when they want to focus on other tasks, such as calling prospects, accelerating leads through the pipeline and closing deals.

They often end up inputting the wrong information as they look for the quickest way to bypass data entry and get to the part of selling a product or service to a potential customer.

The result can see companies losing revenue, which is no good for their bottom line. Rather than point the blame at sales reps and how they use CRM software, questions need to be asked about the software’s usability as a sales tool.

There is a strong argument that CRM software isn’t designed with salespeople in mind, which means that closing deals with a CRM is anything but a straightforward process.

Dedicated Software

With salespeople mainly focusing on winning more deals, it’s no surprise to see that demand for sales-specific software like noCRM is on the rise.

To get a better idea behind the numbers, we’ve turned our survey results into an infographic that looks at how and why sales professionals use CRM—and why it might not be the tool to solve their lead management problems: 

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