What to Focus on When Generating B2B Sales

B2B lead generation provides endless potential for every business. These generated customers are referred to as an essential pool of loyalty. Sales leads that enter the buying process are crucial to maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. B2B lead generation to enhance sales can be generated in many ways, including cold calling, advertising, and customer referrals. 

Designing a B2B lead generation sales campaign is all about being able to engage potential prospects and keep them with your brand. However, winning a customer’s loyalty and making them advocate your brand is easy to say, tough to do. While the majority of businesses are receiving thousands of sales pitches every day, an effective marketing strategy for B2B sales should get high conversions to generate healthy revenue.

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, below are the proven statistics that give a clear perspective of B2B sales facts. 

  • 72% of customers like to share useful content via emails
  • Compared to 2007 when it took an average of 3 cold calls to reach a prospect, today, it takes roughly eight attempts to reach the same result and yet sales reps are only recorded to make two attempts.
  • 91% of customers said they buy because of referrals yet only 11% of sales reps request it from customers.
  • 82% of buyers said that sales representatives are unprepared.
  • Nurtured leads are proved to make 47% more purchases compared to non-nurtured leads
  • The sales cycle of today’s world take 22% more time than it used to take five years back
  • Successful sellers use at least 6 hours weekly on LinkedIn to search and reach out for potential prospects.
  • Email marketing is a proven method of getting two times better ROI than cold calls

Considering the power of B2B lead generation for high sales conversions, below are the top 5 effective ways to get the most of your marketing efforts.

1. Use Social Media to Know About Your Competitors

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In today’s digital world, social media is considered as the solution to all marketing problems. Often, companies use it to research for customers and as a tool to get updates on their competitors in B2B strategies. Most reliable and lead social media networks for B2B lead generation are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. LinkedIn is considered as the prior network as it is a professional hub to follow major influencers for every niche. Here, the more data a business can gather, the better. While marketers don’t have to duplicate competitors’ strategies, they can get to know what’s not working for them. 

2. Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

It is easier said than done naturally. Your clock starts ticking down as you find something unique for your brand and services to offer. It won’t serve long enough before someone else copies your idea and innovation. Hence, differentiation and evolution should be your top priority always. It is ideal for a step ahead of your competitors constantly. Leverage unique elements to stand out from your lead’s perspective. 

3. Stop Unprepared Cold Calls. Start Researching

In the world of sales, everything revolves around research data. To get where authentic info comes handy is to get the right response on how the business will be affected positively. Unprepared cold calling is no longer in use. To maximize results, it is best to research your prospects to establish a relationship quickly. Also, it will let you know what fits best for your customer’s needs as a successful business model. Majority of leading business are more prone to researching and customizing and although this process takes more time, you don’t have a better choice to get a high number of leads to get profitable revenue. 

4. Cut To The Chase

To cut a long story short, an effective B2B sales cycle should have as few steps as possible. Prospects nowadays don’t have the time to sit through pitches that doesn’t provide value or directly relate to their challenges. The only thing they care about is what’s in it for them. Therefore, you should tell them how you are going to solve their problem, and that’s enough. Sales reps should also show respect towards their opinions and think about an elevated pitch approach. Prepare well to make the conversation concise. Your solution should be easy to explain and understand. Lastly, create a strong value proposition and let your lead decide if your pitch is worthy of it or not. Remember, there’s a limit to our attention span, so make your pitch count. 

5. Work on Long-Term Vision

Most of the companies are obsessed with closing a deal for instant sales. While B2B companies are more focused for long term business. They live or die based on loyal customers that stick with them for every season. They are more concerned about building their reputation and trust in the eyes of their customers. That is how they approach and convince clients so they can reduce churn and generate more business with them. Have strategy advances as your relationship upsells. 



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