Easily Track Your Commission Rates with noCRM.io

Sales commission rates is the percentage of the total amount generated from the sale of a product or service that is given to the company or individual who makes the sale.
The percentage is usually defined in advance, meaning sales reps know their commission for products or services they sell.

As a broker or a reseller you should relate to this, since your revenue is based on commission rates: you sell the product or service at a determined price, but your revenue will only be a percentage of the sales and the rest will go to the companies who hired you. This is why it’s extremely important to not only keep track of the total sales you make, but also of the commission rates of every single sale. You need to have a clear vision of your own revenue.

Define Commission Rates for All Your Leads

With noCRM.io’s new percentage field (available in the Expert edition), it will be very easy to insert the commission rate that corresponds to every lead and know how much money you’ll earn from the sales you make.

Every lead can have a different commission rate— with noCRM.io, you can easily keep track of every sale and the respective commission earned.

commission rates

Get a Clear Vision of Your Revenue

Every lead created inside noCRM.io now has an extra percentage field, which you can name as needed.
When creating a new lead, simply insert the percentage that corresponds to that specific sale in the corresponding field. When the lead is WON (make sure to change the status to WON), your performance report will include a column with the total amount of money you made for yourself / your company, along with the total amount sold.

commission rates

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