The Best Sales Blogs for Top Insights in 2019

For the last few years, the word “content” has become all the rage in the marketing business, with the internet representing the place where most of it can be found. And for a good reason, too: Blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, social media and video are all bona fide ways to engage with and inform your audience.

Everyone is afforded the opportunity to be a content master, which leads to an overload of information, meaning it can be hard to cut through the noise. Each vertical is oversaturated with the buzzword that is content.

The sales world is perhaps one of biggest  benefactors (or victims?) of content. Sales is such a vast medium and is relevant to practically every industry going. Therefore, more than most have an opinion on how to excel in the art of selling.

Deciphering those opinions and finding the good ones from the bad is no easy feat. And the type of people looking for this information varies, including experienced sales managers looking to brush up on their skills and find new ways of leading a team to entrepreneurs that want to learn how to sell.

There is some really fantastic content out there, which is why we have put together a list of the best sales blogs that will help you improve your skills. Whether you’re looking to train your team or find motivational tips, these are the best of the best (in no particular order).

Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker covers every spectrum of selling and is ideal for sales managers, reps, and anyone involved in the world of B2B selling, and is easily one of the best sales blogs. They include the latest insights, feature guest posts from successful sales professionals, write ebooks and do webinars and online courses. Sales Hacker call themselves “the leading community for modern sales professionals”, and it’s hard to disagree.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. How to Walk Away from a Bad Deal
  2. 10 Essential Characteristics of Highly Successful Salespeople
  3. 5 Psychology Tips From An FBI Hostage Negotiator That Will Make You Sell Better

Sales Solutions Blog

The official LinkedIn sales blog has loads of insights and strategies about becoming a better sales rep. Even if you’re a manager, you can glean a ton of information from their in-depth articles, especially around the topic of social selling which, unsurprisingly, is where they excel. The Sales Solution Blog is a one-stop-shop for all things sales.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. Dialing in Your Sales Strategy for the Generation of Digital Natives
  2. Why Salespeople Must Become Micro Marketers
  3. Sales Hasn’t Changed — But What It Takes to Win Has

Sales Gravy

Authors, experts and trainers all contribute to Sales Gravy, making it an excellent source of information for helping you improve your sales skills. They cover a range of topics within the sales world, including one of the most important aspects: How to find more prospects.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. 3 Types of EASY Sales
  2. Inspire Your Millennial Salespeople to Sell with Passion
  3. Five Tips to Close More Business

Sales Benchmark Index

The articles on Sales Benchmark Index are designed to help you meet your team’s targets, improving your skills as a sales manager along the way. There are insights on a range of topics in the sales management world, from how to hire the best salespeople to creating a healthy culture that breeds success.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. 3 Ways to Deliver Greater Results from Your Sales Process
  2. 2018 Priority: Grow Revenue With Customer Success
  3. How Marketing Helps Sales Win the Must-win Deals

Inside Sales Experts Blog

Inside Sales Expert Blog is perfect for managers who are responsible for hiring, developing and tracking their team’s success. The blog focuses on metrics, analysis and trends to provide insights that will help you make better decisions and ultimately become a more efficient manager.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. The 2018 SDR Metrics Report is Here
  2. Bridging the SDR-to-AE Promotion Gap (Two Leaders’ Perspectives)
  3. Want to Recruit Top Candidates? Do This One Thing


SalesLoft has a range of topics designed to encourage sales teams to smash quotas. There is a quirky tone to the blog that features articles, infographics, videos and gifs, which we’re big fans of here at The most important aspect, of course, is the information, and SalesLoft covers in-depth details that will see you learning new sales techniques.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. 7 Deadly Sins of Selling {Infographic}
  2. What’s Your Meeting Personality? {Quiz}
  3. Analysis of 6M Sales Emails Reveals Optimal Time to Spend Personalizing

Double Digit Sales

There are blog posts, whitepapers, reports and videos on Double Digit Sales, which provides information for sales managers, executives and sales reps. Sales training is at the heart of what Double Digit Sales do, so those looking for training courses or advice on how to train should definitely take a look.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. 3 Common Barriers to Sales Coaching (and How to Overcome Them)
  2. Driving Change That Sticks
  3. Three Pipeline Management Best Practices

Datanyze Blog

Datanyze Blog has regular contributions from sales experts and industry leaders in SaaS (Software as a Service). Posts are in-depth and cover tactical tips to help you garner a better understanding of sales through the use of  data and metrics. They also write ebooks and host webinars.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends and How SaaS Providers Can Exploit Them
  2. 3 Tricks for Writing Effective Sales & Marketing Emails
  3. 4 Simple Strategies to Help Sales Professionals Save Time

TopLine Leadership Blog

A successful sales team is only possible if they have a good manager. TopLine Leadership Blog understands this concept more than most and focuses on how you can excel in the role of management by keeping your sales team happy and committed. All this while finding the best ways to improve their weaknesses and make your sales process a winning one.  

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. 4 Easy Sales Coaching Tips to Improve Your Team
  2. Maximize the Impact of 1-on-1s with Sales Team Members
  3. Coaching Sales Reps to Reach Higher-Level Decision Makers

The Sales Leader

As a sales leader, it is your responsibility to drive results and affect change in your organization that leads to increased bottom lines. Having such responsibility can be a heavy burden, which is why posts from The Sales Leader will come in handy. Topics covered include pipeline management, personal productivity, best practices and, of course, sales leadership.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. What’s Your Client Backup Plan?
  2. The Weakest Part of the Sales Cycle
  3. Where Are Your Pinch Points?

Sales Wars

Sales Wars Blog, from the Quotafactory, does well to blend iconic pop culture references with detailed insights about sales practices. Expect to find tips on sales development perspectives, general tips, and case studies that show how organizations accelerated their sales and marketing forecasts, all to the backdrop of one of the most popular movies of all time. .

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. The 7 Components of a Killer Sales Development Playbook
  2. Creating a Sales Development Compensation Plan
  3. The Secret to B2B Sales – Identifying your Prospect’s Pain Points

Bonus reading:

Our currency might be lead management software, but we recognize the broader context of the sales world. That’s why our we create regular blog articles that aim to inform CEOs, sales managers and sales reps about best practices in sales. Our goal is to help you become a better salesperson, and one of the ways we do that is by writing informative content about best sales practices.

3 Posts to Get You Started

  1. How to build  a Sales Team in the US and Grew Revenue from $0 to $10 Million ARR in 18 Months
  2. 6 Super Sales Tactics For Getting More Business
  3. Sales Tools for the Modern Sales Rep

Get Reading

These best sales blogs will provide you with plenty of information whether you want to build a sales team, become a better salesperson or learn about the latest trends in sales. There is a lot of insightful content to unpack that will ultimately help you on your journey as a sales professional.