An Optimized Reminder System to Manage Your Leads More Efficiently

As a sales person, you need to manage your leads in the most efficient way possible, which means you need to know when you can schedule a call or meeting, and to be able to define how long they are going to take.

Moreover, your time is precious. You are a busy person and you can’t waist time trying to figure out when you need to call a prospect; this information should be available to you in no time.

Since You Don’t Need a CRM!’s main purpose is to help you be the best sales person out there, we want to give you all the tools to reach that goal. Our entire software is based on “never miss out on the next action with a lead”.  It’s our motto and will help you better manage your leads.

Inside You Don’t Need a CRM! you have always been able to easily set a reminder and have it synchronised with your calendar, but you would set a reminder without knowing if you had already something planned for that date and time. Thus, our team has improved the entire reminder system:

– You can now predefine a default duration for your scheduled events from your profile settings.

manage your leads

– When you set a reminder, there’s now a duration button for you to choose a different duration than the one you predefined. If a meeting is probably going to take all morning, set the duration of the next action to 3hrs.

manage your leads

– When you are about to set a reminder, we show you all the scheduled events you already have for that day and how long each one will take so that you don’t schedule several actions for the exact same time.

manage your leads

Last but not least, when you look at your active leads you will now be able to know in how long you’ll have to work on a lead, but also to know how behind schedule you are with a lead. In fact, not only will the status be To-Do, it will also say for how long it has been in the To-Do folder (1 hour, 3 days, 20 days…).

manage your leads

It is our job to make sure you are a super efficient sales person and with the help of our lead management software you should be able to be very well organised and never behind schedule.

The You Don’t Need a CRM! team