Halloween Newsletter: New Webinar, New Event & New Improvements

It’s Halloween! 🎃 Time for new tricks! We always come to you with a wrap-up of news at the end of each month and this month isn’t any different.

This past month, no major deployments were made inside the noCRM app since our team is working on a super amazing feature we’ll be launching soon. However, some improvements were made to help you increase productivity.

But that’s not all. We’ve also been prepping for the WEB SUMMIT, known to be the best Technology conference on the planet. We’re super excited to attend and exhibit at this world-class event. If you happen to be around, come see us on November 7th at booth BP-441! Our CEO, Head of Marketing and Head of Customer Success will be there and would be thrilled to meet you in person!

New Tricks to Increase your Productivity

  1. Easily identify Partners who you haven’t yet done any business with, by using the new filter available in the Client Folders : “without won leads”
  2. Know how many of your leads have postponed a meeting, and how many quotes were sent in the past week thanks to the “Logged activity” filter available in every leads page!
  3. Organize your bookmarks in the most efficient way for you and your sales team. Bookmarks enable you to quickly access a page you use a lot on a daily basis. You can create Bookmarks for yourself, for a team, or for all users.The small but life-changing improvement we made is that you can now change their order from the Bookmark Manager.
  4. Make the best out of every event you attend thanks to noCRM’s mobile app!

The Power of noCRM’s Expert Edition

You’re not sure about how the Expert Edition can help you boost your sales activities and become more efficient? You wish to know all it can do for you? Join Mariana at her monthly Expert Edition-only webinar.

What you’ll see:

  • Advanced account customization for better organization, management, and analysis ⚙️
  • Advanced collaboration & team management features to increase your sales 💰
  • Advanced reports to understand and improve your performance 📊
  • Powerful integrations to simplify your workflow 🔄

What you’ll get from it:

  • Lots of tips & tricks to improve your overall performance 🏆
  • The possibility to ask all your questions to Mariana 💬

Join and subscribe to the Expert Edition webinar

As always, happy selling!

The noCRM.io team