Our Top 6 of the Best Sales Coaches

Sales is an art form and to master the art, you need to learn from the best. We’ve listed some of the best coaches and consultants in the business to help you improve your sales pitch. 

But before forking some of that revenue for personalized training, you might want to check their YouTube videos first to help you get started.

1. Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini, founder of Influence at Work,  is a doctor of psychology. Through his blog, sales books and sales training videos, he shares his understanding of the way people tick. Robert’s principles of persuasion helps salespeople influence buyers and refine their sales techniques.

For instance, people like to be consistent with the things they have previously said or done. Consistency can be activated by getting people to make small commitments that lead to larger commitments. This is the basic principle behind getting prospects to test new products. If the small commitment goes well, they’re much more likely to make the larger commitment to a sale.

2. Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer, known for his famous blog, the King of Sales, is the author of 13 sales books. You might know him from The Little Red Book of Selling, which is said to be the best-selling sales book of all time. His blog is packed with nitbits and tips to improve your B2B sales skills at each stage of the sales process.

You can start by watching “Stop Closing and Start Providing Value, or Lose to Price”.
In it, Jeffrey enforces the need to sell on value and not on price. Customers either perceive value or they don’t. If they perceive value, you won’t need to decide when to close because they will ask you when and how much!

3. Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath is a  highly sought-after keynote speaker. She focuses on practical and modern strategies in her videos to help sales teams generate and close more leads.

She is an expert at advanced prospecting strategies including positioning value to prospects through messaging. She strongly advocates always trying to learn more about the customer in her “Always Be Learning” approach and S.N.A.P selling method.

To get you started, you can watch her “3 Components Every Value Proposition Must Have.”

4. Cesar L. Rodriguez

Cesar L. Rodriguez is a rising star in sales coaching and training. “How to Eliminate Failure by Framing No’s” is a short and sweet sales training video. Cesar L. Rodriguez helps you get over your fear of rejection by reframing the experience. As a speaker, sales trainer, and success coach, Rodriguez focuses exclusively on direct sales and network marketing programs.

5. Art Sobczak

Are you looking to up your Inside Sales’ game? Sobczak is known for his hands-on, practical approach for telephone and inside sales professionals. In “How to Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead”, Art shares his view that cold calling is dead but has been replaced with smart calling. You might have already had a similar approach. Smart calling is an approach to proactive prospecting that starts with researching prospects in order to break through the barrage of cold calls buyers now tune out.

Most of his videos share how to to do smart calling, including “How to Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead.”

6. Sandler Training

With franchise-owned training centers around the world, Sandler Training is a leader in sales, management, and corporate training, as well as business consulting and coaching.

First created by David Sandler in 1967, The Sandler Selling System, was one of the first consultative selling systems that’s still very applicable today. Nowadays, Sandler has grown to be one of the largest and probably the most recognized sales training company in the world.

One of our favorites is “Answer Every Question with a Question” to get you started on the consultative selling approach.

Next, we’ll go into more details with a closer look at the videos provided by Sandler Training. Stay tuned.