12 Tools to Generate B2B Leads in 2020

The sales game is always changing, and so do the tools of the trade. Sales is still about standing out and being on point with your customers. Yet now, sales teams facing stronger competition need up-to-date data to help them reach out to their prospects and close deals. To give them the necessary tools to help them do their jobs, marketing teams and sales managers now have a plethora of options available. From Data enrichment platforms to sales engagement platforms, there is plenty of ammunition to help them reach more and close more. Providing their leads with relevant information and howtos is just half the battle though.

Data Enrichment

In this first list, we grouped together tools that enrich data for leads you already have. If your sales team complains about the lack of information on the leads they contact, using these tools will help you provide them with relevant data to better qualify leads.


With Listflow, you can use its powerful lead qualification workflows to better qualify leads and provide your sales team with accurate and relevant data. 


This data tool can help all of your current lead data platforms run better. Data enrichment finds data for leads based on named accounts or target companies and enriches the data you have to make it cleaner and more useful. 

Leadgenius campaign statistics


Leadspace offers lead scoring and data enrichment in a single platform. It connects directly to your marketing automation platform. These powerful tools work together to reduce the amount of manual lead enrichment you have to manage and increase your segmentation abilities.


DiscoverOrg provides its customers with direct-dial phone numbers, verified email addresses, and department level org charts. The company helps sales teams narrow down the likely decision makers, shares insights on major opportunities and provides the context needed to nail down the winning sales pitch. 


Insideview is another tool that gleans insights and relationships from more than 40,000 sources, from business news to social media and online CRM. 

Sales view for Insideview

Market Republic

Unlike fully-automated products and lists from a lead generation database or a tool, Market Republic offers a human intellect driven customizable process with 4 points of data verification that assures 98% e-mail accuracy. This enables you to fill your sales pipeline fast but with maximum control, get data based on your needs, ICPs and buyer personas, and test different verticals around the world quickly. These all fit into ABS & ABM strategies to help growing B2B tech companies get results and scale faster.

Lead Generation

If you are looking to reach out to specific contacts and you do not have a way to contact them or build a quality pipeline, these tools will help you find the information you need.


Clearbit provides a solution to capture and enrich visitor data. It can turn anonymous visitors into leads. It also helps qualify and enrich existing leads, and ensure that contact data is accurate and up-to-date.


Discover.ly provides social information via a plugin directly into Gmail so sales reps always know the latest on their leads and know how to engage with them.


Hunter.io or Email Hunter is one of the most well-known tools to find out if an email address is valid or not. If Hunter doesn’t find a match, it will provide you the likeliest email format based on the information available online.

Hunter.io (formerly Email Hunter) homepage


Datananas is another fantastic tool offering to easily find email contacts but also comes with a cold email platform to reach out to generated-leads. Their customers had a +38% increase in meetings booked using their software.

Datananas cold email platform

Sales Engagement platform

A Sales Engagement Platform is defined as an integrated platform that helps sales team share high-impact content with customers, delivers insights on what to do next and integrates and auto-logs to CRMs the information needed.


Outreach is a sales engagement platform that helps drive revenue growth by optimizing every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. The platform manages all customer interactions across email, voice and socials.


SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform helping teams set and execute on a cadence of communications to increase conversion rates. With real-time email tracking, integrated sales dialer and social communications, sales reps are at their best to improve the selling process of their organization. 

Salesloft UI

Are there any other kickass tools you know and missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below